Political Mail

Political Red Tag Mail
Senior Mail Ballot Requests
Early Voting Postcards
Election Day Postcards
Fundraiser Invitations
Campaign Event Announcements

Common Postcard Sizes

4x6" postcard
5.5x8.5" postcard
6x9" postcard
6x11" postcard
8.5x11" flat

Postage Levels

Walk Sequence Mail
Saturation Mail
Carrier Routed Mail
Automated Mail
Pre-Sort First Class Mail

Voter Data

Registered Voter Lists
Republican Voter Lists
Democratic Voter Lists
Independent Voter Lists
Senior Voter Lists
Active Voter Lists
Newly Registered Voter Lists
District Voter Lists
Voter Walk Lists

Graphic Design and Printing

Donation Cards
Door Hangers
Event Invitations
Campaign Signs
Candidate Logos
Stickers and Decals
Newspaper / Magazine Ads

Other Services

Voter Data Cleanup
Phone Appends
List Merge/Perge
Deceased Voter Removal
Suspended Voter Removal
Address Correction
Voter List Householding