Non-Profit Mail

Community Outreach Mailers
Church Launch Announcements
All Church Mailers
Non-Profit Event Postcards
Fundraiser Invitation Postcards

Common Postcard Sizes

4x6" postcard
5.5x8.5" postcard
6x9" postcard
6x11" postcard
8.5x11" flat

Postage Levels

Non-Profit Walk Sequence Mail
Non-Profit Saturation Mail
Non-Profit Carrier Routed Mail
Non-Profit Automated Mail
Pre-Sort First Class Mail

Lead Generation

Resident/Occupant Lists
Business Lists
Named Lists
Radius Lists
New Home Owner Lists
Demographic Lists

Graphic Design and Printing

Donation Cards
Door Hangers
Service Announcements
Fundraiser Invitations
Stickers and Decals

Other Services

Data Cleanup
Phone Appends
List Merge/Perge
USPS Nonprofit Authorization